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Mr. Balcony BASIC

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With the Mister Balcony BASIC module you supply your fridge with solar power.


The BASIC module is set up in two simple steps, without any tools and without DIY skills. Plug the cable into the socket. Connect to WiFi via app. And save electricity in the future with your own solar power.


The BASIC module can be attached to almost any balcony, all you need is a handrail to which it is attached. However, it can also be placed on the floor, making it suitable not only for the balcony, but also for the terrace or garden. No additional accessories are required for this.


Everything becomes even easier and clearer with our own Mister Balcony app.


Weighing less than 9.5 kg, it is light on the one hand and handy thanks to its compact size (83 cm (height) x 87 cm (width) x 6 cm (depth)) on the other. The module power is 130 W.


The design blends seamlessly into the home environment and is also a good privacy screen. There are no cables hanging around anywhere, nor can you see any parts sticking out. Also variable with silver and black frames.

System Compatibility

Mister Balcony is a closed system and therefore designed for safety and efficiency. The BASIC module can be expanded with one or two expansion modules (so-called UPGRADE modules).

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Technical sheet - PDF


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