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Is that allowed?

Since 2019, this type of so-called plug-in solar module with a total output of 600 W (so-called inverter output) can be operated in Germany. In many other EU countries it is 800 W.

Do I need a permit?

No regulatory approval is required. All you need to do is register, we will take care of that for you. In some cases you should check with your landlord.

Is it even worth it?

Definitely for the environment. But also for the wallet. With two Mister Balcony FULL PACKAGES more than 20% of power consumption can be saved. Depending on the electricity tariff, that's up to 300 euros a year.

Do I have to change anything?

Nothing needs to be changed for the construction, there is no intervention in the property. All you need for the connection is a socket. Multiple sockets or extension cords are no problem. As for the counter, it must not count backwards.

How much CO2 will I save?

A Mister Balcony FULL PACKAGE saves up to 250 kg of CO2 per year. This roughly corresponds to the amount that 20 trees (beeches) bind to CO2 per year.

Can I become network independent with this?

Balcony power plants are all connected to the grid, so they depend on being connected to the public grid. So they don't work independently.

What about security?

We only use certified devices in our closed system, everything has been tested and tried. They meet all safety requirements, both electrical and mechanical.

Do I get a guarantee?

We provide the statutory warranty. However, based on experience, it can be assumed that the system will run for decades without any errors. This is also ensured by our seamless system monitoring via app. In the event of damage, parts are easily replaceable.

Is there any funding?

More than 200 municipalities in Germany have their own support programs, just ask your own municipality. However, the applications and requirements are often confusing and unrealistic, sometimes even making it significantly more expensive.

Can my landlord or owner company ban it?

According to a Stuttgart court ruling, a landlord cannot ban balcony solar modules as long as they comply with the technical safety regulations. This is given at Mister Balcony. We're happy to help with the argument if you ask.

Where is the electricity stored?

The electricity flows from the Mister Balcony directly to the socket and is distributed from there to the household appliances. Experience has shown that no storage is necessary with a FULL PACKAGE, as there are always enough devices using electricity. In addition, a battery can be useful for storage.

How does my fridge know where the electricity comes from?

The current is always taken from the nearest power source. Mister Balcony on the balcony is much closer than, for example, the nearest coal-fired power station. Therefore, the balcony solar power is always preferred.