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Mister Balcony solar systems make sense in most cases. However, there are special constellations where one or two full packages are particularly worthwhile.


Solar systems that were connected to the grid before 2012 and receive a feed-in tariff of over 40 cents per kWh. These systems feed in fully. It would mean too much effort to convert them to self-consumption. In this case, the use of Mister Balcony solar modules makes a lot of sense. 1. self-consumption can be covered up to more than 20%. 2. There is usually space to set it up on the balcony, terrace or simply in the garden. 3. No craftsman or permit is required for the additional system.

prefab garages

Prefabricated garages, i.e. flat roof garages made of concrete, are often unsuitable in the conventional sense. For one thing, they don't offer much space on the roof, so it's hardly worthwhile for a craftsman to come out. In addition, they are usually covered with bitumen (tar paper). These are cheap, but have to be replaced again and again because they leak. These circumstances usually mean the end of conventional solar systems, as they are firmly anchored and wired and therefore perform poorly in terms of cost-benefit ratio. That changes with the Mister Balcony elevation system. The modules are assembled within minutes and connected to the socket. Dismantled just as quickly (for replacing the tar paper) and rebuilt again. Without needing a craftsman for it.

west balcony

West-facing balconies are particularly interesting. On the one hand because they can see the sun "going down" and thus not only offer beautiful evening hours for the residents but also mean that the sun is lower. Since the Mister Balcony solar modules are mounted perpendicular to the balcony railing, a higher electricity yield is achieved in the hours since the sunlight hits the room with an improved irradiation angle. This goes well with the fact that most families have higher electricity consumption at this time. You come home, cook, wash and shower. All this ensures direct consumption of the solar power from your own balcony.