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Solar energy over the course of a year

Solar energy offers a constant supply compared to wind energy. For example, annual yields for wind power can differ by up to 30% from the average, whereas the deviations for solar power are only 5% from year to year. Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of the yields are achieved in the sunny months (see graph for Germany). However, it remains the case that as soon as it gets light outside, solar electricity is produced regardless if it is a gray or winter day. The main benefit is of course that in summer the sun shines longer as the days are longer. In the end, however, a Mister Balcony Full Package produces an average of 400 kWh of solar electricity per year. Year after year. For decades to come.

The inside tips

Mister Balcony solar systems make sense in most cases. However, there are special constellations where one or two Full Packages are particularly worthwhile.


Solar systems that were connected to the grid before 2012 and receive a feed-in tariff of over 40 cents per kWh. These systems feed in fully. It would be too much effort to convert them to self-consumption. In this case, the use of Mister Balcony solar modules makes a lot of sense. 1. Self-consumption can be covered up to more than 20%. 2. There is usually space to install them on the balcony, terrace or simply in the garden. 3. No craftsman or permit is required for the additional system.

Prefabricated garages

Prefabricated garages, ie flat-roof garages made of concrete, are often unsuitable in the conventional sense. For one thing, they do not offer much space on the roof, making it hardly worthwhile for a tradesman to move out. In addition, they are usually roofed with bitumen (tar paper). Although these are cheap, they have to be replaced again and again because they leak. These circumstances usually mean the end for conventional solar systems, as they are firmly anchored and wired and thus perform poorly in the cost-benefit ratio. This changes with the Mister Balcony mounting system. The modules are set up and connected to the socket within minutes and are just as quickly dismantled (to replace the tar paper) and reassembled. Without the need for a craftsman or expert.

West-facing balcony

Balconies with a west side are particularly interesting. On the one hand, because they can "watch the sun go down" and thus not only offer beautiful evening hours for the residents, but are also associated with the fact that the sun is lower in the sky. As the Mister Balcony solar modules are mounted perpendicular to the balcony railing, a higher electricity yield is achieved during the hours, as the sunlight hits with an improved angle of incidence. This coincides well with the fact that most families have a higher electricity consumption at this time. People come home, cook, wash and shower. All this ensures direct consumption of solar electricity from one's own balcony.

Pre order now

You can now secure your Mister Balcony package for 2023. Preparations are in full swing. Production is speeding up and expanded. So much so that a larger batch will already be produced and delivered in the first quarter of next year. If you order now, you will have the following advantages:

  • No shipping charges
  • Protection against inflation (today's price is frozen)

The promotion will run until 30 September 2022.

Referral program

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International customers

We are overwhelmed by the worldwide demand. Our international expansion will now come sooner than originally planned. We ask all interested parties to register. As soon as we ship to your country, you will be the first to know and have the opportunity to be one of the first Mister Balcony users. We are doing our best to make this happen as soon as possible.

International distributors

We are pleased about the great interest of many distributors from many countries. In order to be able to conduct potential partnerships and discussions, we ask for registration and a short letter of motivation.