La energía solar puede ser tan simple

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9 out of 10 balcony railings

Mister Balcony can be used in a variety of ways. Can be placed on a stand or, as shown here, hung on a balcony railing. 9 out of 10 balconies are compatible with our solution. Without additional parts, without tools, set up within a very short time.

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El ahorro de electricidad empieza en el balcón

Con los módulos solares Mister Balcony Plug&Play puede generar inmediatamente electricidad verde y ahorrar mucha electricidad al mismo tiempo. El ensamblaje nunca ha sido tan fácil: no se requieren herramientas ni habilidades de bricolaje.

Not sure if Mister Balcony fits on your balcony?

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Do I have to ask my landlord or WEG?

That depends on whether you also have to ask your landlord or homeowners association for other things, e.g. flower boxes or privacy screens. If you need support with the argument, we have prepared a cover letter with all the arguments.

This is how the modular system works